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Dating App will give you happiness, entertainment and enjoyment in finding new friends, partners or anyone you are specially interested in. Many couples are successful overnight upon meeting each other on the application, with some building long-term relationships or even getting married and settling down together. But! Not everybody is successful ?


There are so many that are unsuccessful in using the dating app to find a life partner or date …

You may ask “Why?”  “Why so?”

There are so many, many reasons why we are not as successful as others … I would like to help. I would like to suggest some tips that might help you succeed at using the app to find friend, partner or date online, so you can be happy with your new date!


From personal experience of trying, playing around with countless Apps since 2005, whether a really popular app or one that you have to pay monthly subscription fee, or even free apps with ads here and there, do you really believe that in over 80% of these apps only 50% of the users are real people you can actually meet?? If you ask why so ?


To put it simple, it’s image creation, marketing for profit, and of course there are shady guys using the apps for shady purposes. Very few are meant to be actual dating apps, like getting friends or partners ! This is another big problem that keeps disappointing new users with fraud and inability to find soul mates, on top of losing hard-earned money on monthly or yearly subscription fee.


All these things will help you, more or less, to be successful at the use of dating app and save you troubles from tricksters and frauds. If you follow these suggestions, I can be certain you will get your partner or friend …


Adam Boden,



Dating appWhich dating app is safe for you ?

There are numerous apps online so you should look for one that requires a fresh photo of you for registration instead of uploading it to the app, or an app that has some personal verification so fraudulent users cannot impersonate other people.  Whether it’s a free or paid app, that app should have additional verification other than registration.


You should use an app that does not have ads so your personal information in your phone is not accessed or to put it simply, someone can hack into your phone while pressing those ads. You can try apps that have some defenses against hackers.  You should use a dating app that specifies IP address of the user or lock the user from further changing their displayed nationality, or lock the country after registration so the user’s origin country is clearly known. This can help a lot with fraud problems.



Potentially fraudulent appComplete registration !

Ok, a registered user, but no photo and blank profile.

Have you seen that? Some apps send you notification of someone being interested in you right away, before you even upload or write something about yourself.


Steer clear from these apps, they are there just to waste your time with someone you don’t even know if he/she exists. Don’t judge an app from its nice cover or good profile. You will just end up being the victim.



Super-beautiful photoStudio-like photo

80% of perfect pictures with nice background, lighting and angle just like in studio are likely stolen from other websites. Remember that most people are not that great with photography and most would simply use their smartphones, so pictures should not be, say, “perfect” like those photos taken in studios using expensive cameras. If you see profiles with studio-grade photos, check them well by googling for similar photos. That will help somewhat.



ProfileShows what you are !

Your picture: a picture with good camera angle will make you charming and attractive at first sight. No, you don’t need to be a pro at this, just change your pose, move the light source around, get good clothes, and wear some light make-up (not too heavy, mind you), then take a picture. Your picture should have your face, hairstyle and shoulder on it, and of course, your smile and cheerful manner...


You don’t need to be super pretty/handsome like a superstar, be yourself, be what you are. If someone is going to be interested in you, then he/she needs to see the real you. One might not like you, but there might be many more that might, so be yourself. Show them a picture of the real you, one that you think is the best. Don’t be shy to go all out !!


Words on your profile: don’t be afraid to describe yourself or what you are looking for on the profile page. Let others know who you are, what you want, what you are interested in and what you are looking for. 96% of profiles with complete information in “about me” are the most successful in online dating. Please, do not write negatively about yourself or use bad language, because if others feel like you are rude, pervert or impolite, then you have just shot yourself in the foot !



Greet them firstYou don’t lose anything !

Don’t hesitate to start: why being shy if you are interested in someone? If you check someone’s profile and become interested in that person, reach out to them right away. You can start from simple greeting and wait for an answer like “How do you do?”, “I would like to know you” or “You look good” something like that. Be confident, remember you are not going to date them just yet, this is just a simple introduction so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.


The first word is crucial: will he or she will back off, delete your contact, block you, or reply? It is highly important that the first word you will deliver to your potential partner is not vulgar, pervert or obscene. You will surely look creepy, a lot, that way.


Don’t start by asking “what kind of man/woman do you like?”. Spend time breaking the ice, like talking about other things, then ask when the time is right. Don’t rush to “I really like you!”, spend time learning about each other first. Too many people are simply too pushy. You should spend more time talking with your contact before speaking that “I really like you” thing, because some nice people can be turned off just because you rush i. …



Take your timeTake it easy, and you won’t mess up !

There might be more potential date out there for you: never forget that there are millions of people on Earth being single just like you and they are using apps to find soul mates, friends, or partners, again just like you. There are millions looking at you, using dating apps like you or deciding whether to reach out to you! So, don’t rush to the selection part because you might miss out on someone better.



Do you have to choose only one ?For a date ?

Using of dating app will of course allow you to meet new people in the country and abroad, so the best option is don’t do multiple-dating at the same time. Save yourself later trouble.


Pick 10 people you think you really like and put them in a favorite list, then study hard, select a sole date out of them. You must not have met or dated any of the 10 favorites before, just chatting with them. After that you pick 2-3 people you think you should meet, and those must show interest in you. Out of the 2-3 people, there must be only one you will further the relationship. Take your time, choose wisely.



Interested in you ?Are you specially ?

Sure, if we are interested in somebody or really like them, we would like them to return our feelings. How do you know that? Just see if someone immediately replies, or not too long after you send a message. Another case is if someone keeps looking at our profile over and over despite having chatted with us, in this case we have never met them before. If that’s the case, put them on our list for consideration, because they definitely are interested in us !



Let’s do private chatting Line ,WhatsApp, Skype ?

Nothing wrong with that. Usually dating apps serve as intermediaries for people to know each other, so it’s not weird to exchange private chat IDs. But DON’T FORGET! You should be absolutely sure that the one you are talking with really likes you and vice versa, and whether that person is authentic. Check well, validate that person first to prevent fraud problems.



Avoid the frauds ! I don't want !

Almost 90% of guys using dating apps are duped easily because they are too beguiled by pretty pictures and profiles. Don’t forget what I just said, “To good to be true” pictures are something you should be careful of.


Various dramas your partner might come up with are also something to be mindful of. Remember, 90% of frauds will use words like “I really need the money”, “I have family problems, can you help?”, “I don’t have enough to pay the rent, I could use your help.”, “someone in my family got sick real bad, I would like you to help with the cost”, “I just got some inheritance from my passed relative, will share you some when I get there”, “I’d like to send you a gift but you need to cover the tax”, “I would like to marry you when I meet you, but now I have problems with traveling cost, I would like you to help”, something like that. When money is involved, things can get ugly. So, remember that DO NOT send money to anyone, and DO NOT help people covering cost. Remember that greed is one of your greatest enemies, do not try to get free things from your partner because you’d fall into their traps easily. Be extra careful, especially if you have never met them before.


At last, I hope that these bits and pieces of tips might help you safely find your friend, partner or lover online. Be careful and don’t easily trust people you have never met. One more thing is be yourself, be truthful, be ‘real’, because once you give out those things, I bet you will get those back from others. I hope that everyone be successful and happy. Have fun with the dating app, may you find the right person!


Adam Boden,



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