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These are Terms of Use and Conditions between “LISZO”, which refers to “the company”, “the application”, “the service provider” and/or “the website” (including Liszo application for smartphones and tablets), and “you”, which refers to “the member” and/or “the application user”. By clicking (Sign Up), you accept the terms of use and conditions, are subjected to this agreement, and accept our privacy policy and LISZO (application) membership registration conditions. If you do not accept all the terms of use and conditions within this agreement, please do not click “Sign Up”. Once you have clicked “Sign Up”, you will be obliged to these terms of use and conditions whether you have successfully registered or not. The terms of use and conditions may change at any time. If you have any enquiries, please contact our customer support team:

1. Membership

1.1 Being a LISZO application member means that you are not below 18 years old on the day of registration. Using the services and signing up with LISZO via this application means that you have the absolute right and have the ability to understand this agreement and will comply with all the terms of use and conditions as well as the privacy policy LISZO has set.

1.2 This agreement remains completely valid as long as you use LISZO application and/or you are a member of LISZO.

1.3 By being a member, you are not allowed to let others abuse your membership and/or you may not entrust or transfer your membership to others in any circumstances.

1.4 LISZO may terminate your membership for any reasons with or without explanation and your membership may be terminated as a result of a violation of this agreement. LISZO can terminate your services at any time for any reasons or for any possible failures that may occur in the future. You, as a member, must accept this reason which may or may not occur in the future and/or possible change in terms of use and conditions and registration conditions in the future. LISZO reserves the right to inform or not inform the change with discretion.

2. Application Usage

2.1 The usage of LISZO application is free for you and all other members. However, anyone who wishes to use the application must register via the identity identification system and pay the registration fees in order to use the application, after which you will be able to use all features currently available for free.

2.2 The usage of this application must fulfil the following purposes of the services and members must use the application for the purposes of the services only.

a). To find new friends from both inside and outside the residing country of the member.

b). To chat with others about friendship, general topics, knowledge and experience.

c). To look for dates, lovers or sexually interesting individuals from both inside and outside the residing country of the member.

2.3 Any individuals or you, if you are not a member of LISZO application service, are not allowed to directly or indirectly use the application at all.

2.4 Non-commercial usage of the application

a). LISZO application is for private use of each individual member only and may not be used or connected commercially. Companies, businesses or other identities must not become members of LISZO and do not have the right to use the services or applied programme of the application for commercial purposes whether directly or indirectly.

2.5 Using the application without permission as well as collecting and copying names of other members, copying pictures and/or email addresses of the members by advanced electronic techniques or any other means in order to disseminate unwanted emails and/or connect with applications and/or websites or for commerce or advertisement without permission are not permitted. If detecting or receiving a report, LISZO will prosecute the individual(s) appropriately as a civil case and/or a criminal case and will permanently terminate the membership.

3. Contents and Information

3.1 You understand and accept that LISZO may store or not store information for verification purposes and/or delete part of or all profile contents that are considered inappropriate or violate the privacy policy and the terms of use and conditions.

3.2 LISZO does not guarantee member profile data back-up and restoration in case of errors.

3.3 You may not use information and pictures and/or member profile pictures that violate the copyright law or may prove disgusting for the majority of society such as obscene pictures and/or unlawful pictures and/or pictures that may violate personal right of oneself and other’s such as pictures that show physical attack, cruelty, war, violence, aggressiveness, as well as pictures that stir up conflicts or threaten the safety of other members or other people that may appear in the contents. LISZO reserves the right to discard or block the information on your profile without any advance notices.

3.4 You may not promote and/or advertise products and/or businesses within the contents of your profile, in order to protect members from advertisement or persuasion within the advertisement. LISZO, therefore, reserves the right to discard or block the information on your profile without any advance notices and permanently terminate the membership.

3.5 Details of your profile are the information that explains your identity to other members, which will be disclose to the public within the application. Therefore, to reduce the risk of deception, persuasion and elicitation of private information, you must be aware of your important private information such as phone numbers, emails and date of birth and must strictly not disclose any information about your phone number and/or your private emails and/or private contacts and/or any other important private information on your public profile in the application.

3.6 You are responsible for the contents and the information appearing on the public space in LISZO application and the information you send to other members, which may result in disputes, violation of others’ copyright, and violation of terms of use and conditions or other law.

3.7 By posting a message, content or information on the application, you entitle LISZO to use part of or all of your information, such as pictures and application username, for LISZO advertisement purposes if necessary, within the righteous right, without limit, without requests, and without any violation.

3.8 Cloaking of the machine such as device number or ip address or location of device by using advanced electronic methods while registering or using the application, If we see this action we reserve the right to permanently delete your profile without notice and may not allow you to apply for membership again.

4. Messaging

4.1 When private messaging and communicating with other members in LISZO application, you as the application user must not send harassing messages, such as junk emails, chain emails, email hoaxes, a lot of unrequested emails or spam emails, to other members. LISZO is aware of privacy harassment and violation of other members’ right in the form of junk emails or sending a message constantly and repeatedly. If a member reports such incidents with evidence, LISZO reserves the right to limit the number of such messages or temporary block such message sending and/or delete the profile and terminate the membership right away without any warnings, subjected to the discretion of LISZO.

4.2 To ensure the confidence of the members about the quality of the services, your communication through the application may be recorded and LISZO reserves the right to check and/or take appropriate legal actions if requested.

5. Content ownership

5.1 LISZO owns all the intellectual rights in the application and the services. These rights include, but not limited to, database rights, design copyright (whether registered or not), trademark rights (whether registered or not) and all other similar rights, except the rights of advertisement graphics, symbol graphics and related icons that may already have the righteous owners.

5.2 You may not copy, spread, show or sell information with the rights reserved or that may violate the rights of others. If such incidents are detected, LISZO will terminate your membership and take appropriate legal actions if requested.

5.3 Regarding the copyright between members, if you believe that your contents, pictures or other electronic printed media on the application are copied and posted within the application, that others violate your copyright, and that others impersonate and counterfeit your identity, you are responsible to give a written report of the incidents to LISZO immediately by clearly stating that you truly believe that the incident violate your copyright without permission.

5.4 For all the intellectual rights in the LISZO application, you, other members or non-member persons may not duplicate and use part of or all of the application structure and/or all the services of the application to operate a business similar to that of LISZO and to compete with LISZO. LISZO reserves the righteous rights and the right to make an appropriate legal claim if an incident is detected.

5.5 Regarding the copyright of advertisement graphics, symbol graphics and related icons that already have the righteous owners, no one is allowed to copy and use without the permission of the righteous owners.

6. Member Disputes

6.1 For any disputes amongst members, you, as a member, are solely responsible for attacks and counterattacks between the members. LISZO reserves the right with no obligation to investigate the disputes between you and other members. Eventually, LISZO may be requested to manage and resolve the issues between members and, subjected to LISZO’s discretion, this may result in the termination of both parties. If you have any enquiries or would like support on the issue that you cannot resolve, please contact our support/help at

7. Disclaimer

7.1 LISZO reserves the right to guarantee implicitly about serviceability and suitability of the application for specific or all service objectives and LISZO does not guarantee that your usage will always be convenient, smooth, not interrupted and error-free. The service may miserably not meet your needs. Faults may or may not be resolve. LISZO may not be held responsible for faults when using the application and a full guarantee is certainly not offered.

7.2 LISZO is not responsible for any usage of the private information you disclose in the application. The information you wish to post in the services or disclose to the public should be considered carefully.

7.3 LISZO refuses all responsibilities for all incidents or faults during the service usage, regardless of the execution and the abstention of the members, and for all actions of all application users, whether they are made online or offline.

7.4 LISZO may not be held responsible for technical issues or errors of any networks, phone systems, online servers, computer devices, digital software, or network systems that may arise.

7.5 LISZO may not be held responsible for the case in which the members receive notifications about inappropriate activities in the application. LISZO may consider restraining the service, limiting the access, partly or completely, or permanently terminate all access of the errant members.

7.6 LISZO is not responsible for any expenses as a result of your usage related to communication through digital data, wireless communication system and internet between members in our application. These expenses are completely responsible by members.

8. Anti-fraud

8.1 If LISZO receives credible evidence of illegal and fraud activities of a member, information and the profile account of the member will be permanently deleted from the application with our sole discretion, with or without warnings.

8.2 Once you or any other members agree to use the application, you guarantee that you exist and do not arrogate the identity of others. In addition, for the pictures you import into the system of the application, you guarantee that they are your true picture, not fraudulent or arrogating the identity of others. If LISZO detects the violation, has enough evidence or receives reports from other members that clearly suggest that there is fraudulence or impersonation of others, LISZO reserves the right to discard or block the information on your profile permanently, with or with our prior warnings, and/or take legal actions if requested.

8.3 Members must not take any actions to take advantage of the gaps in the services of the application for any purposes. Please bear in mind that the purpose of this application is to be the platform for members to find and meet up with new friends, dates and lovers according to the objectives outlined in section 2.2 of Application Usage.

9. Membership Rights

When you sign up to the application as a newly registered member, (at the moment this document is written) you will have full access to the following services:

• Fully browsing profiles of other members. (without limits)

• Searching for members in all countries around the world. (without limits)

• Blocking communication from unwanted members.

• Storing your profile in a safe database.

• Storing pictures in a mutual database.

• Updating your profile at any time.

• Reading, sending and receiving private messages. (without limits)

• Using a VDO chat to see the real face of the other member at any time.

• Tabbing like other members. (without limits)

• Knowing who have visited your profile at any time. (without limits)

• Knowing who have tabbed you like. (without limits)

• Being invisible, to prevent other members know that you have visited their profiles and that you are currently online.

• Being notified when you and another member have a mutual attraction.

• Sending pictures as gifts. (without limits)

• Being assured that all members are real and not arrogating an identity of another person because, as the evidence, members have to take a picture of themselves from the front camera only.

• Being able to push your profile to the top list of 100 profiles once a day. (a permission to let us post the application website on your Facebook timeline will give you additional credits, allowing you to push the profile to the top list of 100 profiles five times a day)

10. Membership Fees

10.1 To use LISZO application, you must pay for the initial membership fee to verify your identity with the system. The initial membership fee is $USD 1.00 and is payable only once. Once you pay the fee to verify your identity, your membership will last until you cancel your membership from the system or your membership is terminated as a result of a violation of the terms of use and conditions. (LISZO reserves the right to change the membership duration depending on the promotion within a given time period)

10.2 The payment of the initial membership fee is not the payment for using the services in the application; it is for the initial sign-up, when you, as a new member, have to verify your identity only.

10.3 LISZO does not charge any fees for using the services in the application. Once you sign up and pay the initial membership fee to verify your identity, you will be able to use the full features of the application as outlined in section 9 Membership Rights without any charges. (LISZO reserves the rights to change the membership rights in the future)

11. Membership Cancellation

11.1 Members may cancel the membership at any time without conditions attached after the cancellation is completed.

11.2 If a member that has cancelled the membership by deleting the profile account from the system and/or whose membership is terminated by LISZO due to a violation of rules but wishes to use the application again, they have to sign up and pay the initial membership fee again and LISZO may or may not grant a new membership.

11.3 For membership cancellation by the member or the membership is terminated by any means, the member cannot refund the initial membership fee.

If you have any issues or enquiries about membership cancellation, please contact our customer support at You may easily cancel your membership by yourself using the application by going to your profile and tab “Delete profile”. However, once you successfully cancel your membership, you do not have the right to refund the initial membership fee payable for identity verification.

You acknowledge that you have read, understood thoroughly and accept the terms of use and conditions, which outline the agreements between you and LISZO about application usage and the services to be expected within the application. If you have any enquiries about the terms of use and conditions or need support, please contact out customer support team at

* This document was last updated on 29 January 2019. - privacy policy


This privacy policy is intended for you to understand about the collection of private information and the ways LISZO use such information, in order to ensure that the private information is safely protected. This privacy policy explains the details you need to know before using our application. LISZO places great important to your private information used to sign up to the application such as phone number, email, serial number, location and other information you link to the application system. Please acknowledge that you must accept the agreements first and this will give us the permission to collect and use your information. All information is collected by

1. The information you give us

When we receive your information, particularly when you fill in the application sign-up form and create your profile in the application, we need to collect part of your private information such as username, date/month/year of birth, city of residence, phone number, emails and other pieces of necessary information for future use. This also includes any information you link to the application in order to access the application and any information you submit when contacting our customer services. For the safety of the members, LISZO does not collect any financial information such as credit/debit card number of the members.

2. The information we collect

Whenever you use the application, the system will automatically collect and remember the information such as phone model, operation system, date and time of use, location, machine language setup, as well as information used in the application such as search setup and other feature setup. LISZO will collect your information and the service usage on computers, smartphones and tablets. This includes the following:

2.1 Application usage such as profile visit history, search history, profile report history, picture sending history, chat access history and profile update history.

2.2 Details of information you provide when contacting our customer services such as date, time and reasons for contacting.

2.3 Device codes such as serial number, type of device and device setup, as well as connection information in the application, IP address, location (which points out your approximate location) and server information.

2.4 Information collected through cookie.

2.5 Latest updated information of the members (users may update the private information at any time and LISZO will automatically collect the latest updated information)

2.6 Permission to access the camera , microphone for use in VIDEO chat and for take your photo to update your profile or send photo in private chat.

2.7 Permission to access your location for send in the private chat.

3. Usage of the information collected

LISZO will use the information of the members to analyse and improve the services, to contact the members about services, recommendations, complaints, violations of rules, customer support and service improvement and to analyse and improve the system further.

4. Management of member information

Members may update private information on the profiles at any time by deleting, editing or storing it on the system. LISZO may or may not collect the updated information at that time. LISZO may delete information of the members that have not been active for a long time. If members change the information, delete the information, or cancel the membership, LISZO may still store the information further for a period of time for legal purposes.

5. Safety of the information

We place great important to the safety of your private information. To prevent loss, piracy, unauthorised access and unauthorised alteration, LISZO will maintain the safety of the information by storing it on the database of the system with a technical system to detect unauthorised access to prevent information modification and revelation by unauthorised persons. Nevertheless, you must acknowledge that the privacy safety of the wireless internet system has limits and maybe beyond the technical control. Therefore, LISZO cannot guarantee the safety of all the information. The private information may be revealed to others. To prevent unauthorised access to your private account in the application, you should not reveal your username and password to others.

6. Payment system

LISZO uses a payment system of a third party in order to ensure online financial transaction security. When you make a payment, the information will be processed by the system of the third party, which may or may not have the system to protect the private information. You may check the conditions of privacy policy of the third party for more details.

7. Advertisement

LISZO places great important to the privacy of the users. Therefore, the application does not allow or link advertisement from any companies or any third party representatives to disturb the application usage of the members, except newsletters, emails or messages from the administration system to inform members about promotions and news only, which there may or may not be.

8. Links

The application has a link to Facebook in order to give additional credits to the members for pushing the profiles up. This depends on whether each member has the willingness to fully use the push-up service system or not. We do not take responsibility for the privacy policy of other applications as well as the websites we may have links to within our application, particularly about picture copyright. You are obliged to check the privacy policy of the linked applications and websites.

9. Information disclosure as requested by law and information transfer to a third party

A transfer of information to a third party will not occur unless it is necessary and is requested by law. LISZO may disclose any collected information if it is necessary, if it is requested or if the law permits to do so for legal purposes and legal procedures. When LISZO truly believe that it is necessary to disclose information to protect the safety of other members’ usage, we reserve the right to do so appropriately.

We may change the details of this privacy policy and may update this privacy policy explanation occasionally to adjust for any change in regulations and related rules. We will inform you of the change if one happens in the future.

You acknowledge this privacy policy and accept the conditions of the privacy policy. You are bound by this privacy policy whenever you use the application or the services. If you have enquiries about the privacy policy or need support, you can contact out customer support at, alternatively you can send letters to:



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* This document was last updated on 29 January 2019.

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