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Version 1.0.32 iOS 11.0.1_V 1.0.25 Android *29/01/19.

1. Click on the language menu to change the language.

2. Click to select your preferred language.

3.-4.  Click to Sign in or Register.


Sign - in:

5. Insert your email for Sign in.

6. Insert your password here. (Password must be 8 digits or more, Can be numbers or letters)

7. Click to see the password you entered.

8. Click here if you forget your password.

9. Specify the email address that is used to subscribe to the service and click (Send)



Click the [Sign up] button on the first page and continue ..

10. Create your nickname to display on your profile. ( Up to 20 characters without special numbers or symbols )

11. Insert your email, ( This email is used for login )

12. Create your password, must be 8 digits or more, Can be numbers 0-9 or letters A to Z, a to z.

13. Repeat your password.

14. Insert your Age.

15. Select your gender by clicking on the icon and then click Next.

16. Click the icon to take a picture. After that, please check the photo and click "Use photo". Then click to confirm. all done !



17. Click the icon to open the menu. ( settings )

18. For search settings.

19. To see everyone you saved in favorites.

20. Your account information and can be modified in this section.

21. On_Off invisible mode and if  turn it ON the icon (26) will show blue.

22. List of all people you blocked.

23. Details of Privacy policy and Term of use.

24. Part of the support team if you have questions or need help.

25. Click here to log out.


Searching - Booster:

27. On the main page, you can scroll up and down to see people profiles.

28. Click on the [SEARCHING] icon. You will return to the main page to search and use for automatic scrolling up to the top page.

29. Click to open the [TOP LIST] page., in this page able to push your profile to the [top -list] of 100 list.

30. Click on the icon. It will add your profile to [Top list] on 100 list. Also will let you know the amount of credit (33) you have per day.

31. Show your profile on the TOP.

32. This icon is for sharing our website, application and our logo name on your facebook.


Search preference:

34. Select the country you want to search.

35. Select the state or city you want to search.

36. Select online or all profiles

37. Select the gender your want to search.

38. Choose the age range you want to search.

39. After you edit or set anything on this page, you must click this icon to save the settings.


Profile and Report:

40. Click on the profile picture to see the full profile.

41. Scroll to see the picture

42. Or click on the picture to see large picture.

43. Click the icon (star) if you want to save it as a favorite.

44. Scroll up and down to see all the details.

45. Click forward or back to view other profiles.


46. Scroll down to the bottom and click the button if you want to report.

47. Click this icon to start the chat.

48. When viewing a large image, there will be an icon for report the photo.


Edit your profile:

Click the first icon at the bottom to view your profile and edit.

49. Add pictures to your profile by taking pictures from the front camera only.

50. Scroll to the left, right at the small image bar and click to see the big picture.

51. Click to edit your profile.

52. Click the icon to open the page and fill or edit your details.

53. Edit the city you live in.

54. Edit your spoken language.

55. Edit your relationship status.

56. For editing if you have or need a child or no children.

57. Edit your sexuality.

58. Your smoking status

59. Your drink status.

60. Choose about what you are interested in.


61.  Scroll to select.

62. After selecting it, click on this icon to save the settings.

63. When you view your large photos, you can then click the icon to set the profile photo.

64. or delete some of your photo., Or scroll down to click delete account if you want to delete your profile


Account info:

65. After you edit anything on this page, you must click this icon to save the settings.

66. Can edit your [NICK name]

67. Edit your age.

68. Edit your gender by clicking the button.

69. Click here to change the new password.

70. Create new password and confirm password(71) then click [Send]



Click this icon to open [LIKES] page.

72. Can swipe left or right to see other people's profiles.

73. Click on this icon to send LIKES to them.



74. Click this bell icon to open the page. [Notifications] to see all notifications.

When a new notification arrives, you will see a red dot at the top of the bell.

75. Click this tab to open the chat list.

76. Click this tab to open visitors list.


77. Click this tab to open the [Likes] list.

78. Click this tab to open the [Match] list.

79. Click this icon to select [Delete] or [Block].

80. Click to open the gift page to slect the gift you want to send.

81. Click to open the camera or select the image you want to send.

82. Click to open the VDO chat.

83. For send the location.


84.  When someone visits your profile and when you click on the tab item (Visitors) You can view all of their profiles by clicking on the photo.

85. Or click on the gift you want to send.

86. On the (LIKES) tab, when people liked you, click on the profile photo to see the full profile and can send a message.

87. Or click on the (heart) to send likes back.

88. When got a matched, open the (MATCHES) tab. Click on the profile photo to view full profile.

89. or click at the icon for send the message.

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